Bad Wolves Need Help Naming Their New Album. We Have Some Suggestions.


Sorry. Vulgar Display Of Power is already taken.

Rock n’ Roll Legend-Gods Bad Wolves had quite the 2018. You probably heard their cover of the Cranberries song “Zombie” sandwiched in between Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound Of Silence” and Weezer’s cover of “Africa” while waiting to get a root canal. They had not one, but two of the most listened-to metal songs on Youtube. They dominated the charts which totally still means something. They managed to somehow procure a coveted spot opening for not-veterans Five Finger Death Punch on their 32 city tour. Yes, you could say things are coming up Bad Wolfhouse.

The tour-and-Youtube life are not all Sham Pain wishes and caviar dreams, unfortunately. Vocalist Tommy Vext had to give up a lot to hit the road. Road life is definitely hard and when all the money is doled out to the managers, promoters, venues, crew, and who knows what else, there might not be much left. Hopefully Mastodon can spare one of their tour buses for a while.

To make matters worse, Bad Wolves has a new album coming out. Wait, that didn’t come out right. Got to remember to finish your sentences. Ahem. To make matters worse, Bad Wolves has a new album coming out and they don’t have a title yet. Tommy has reached out on Instagram to all the Naughty Doggos (I assume that’s what they call their fans) out their to ask for their help in naming the album. They need our help, guys! Lucky for them, I’ve got a few suggestions.


Let’s Talk It Out, Motherfucker

Obey The Rules

I Got One Of Zoltan Bathory’s Dreads In My Mouth


Nü Lives Matter

Curse Words Directly Into The Microphone

Can I Borrow A Feeling?


Those Boots Were Made For Licking (And That’s Just What We’ll Do)

Why Are All These Black Metal Bands Copying Our Wolf Theme?


And Justice For Some

The One Without The Cranberries Cover

Rock Flag And Eagle!


Monster Energy Presents: Punch Monster Baller’s Blend

The Thin Blue Line Meets The Big White Load

I Will Fight Everyone In This Denny’s If That’s What It Takes To Prove My Love

On September 20th Of 2010, Tommy Vext Was Killed By His Twin Brother During A Home Invasion

I Don’t Come To Your Job And Kick The Dicks Out Of Your Mouths So Stop Trying To Tell Me How To Do My Job.


We’re just spit-balling here, so there’s no right or wrong answer. What do you think? Got any suggestions of your own? Leave them in the comments.

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