Mono Inc. – The Banks Of Eden: A Video Breakdown


“Mono” means one and “Inc.” means incorporated. That concludes our intensive 3-week course.

Mono Inc. are a German gothic rock/power metal band that have been around since 2000. Sadly, I don’t think they have any connection to the Monorail. I cannot confirm if they have ever had Mononucleosis aka the Kissing Disease. I have no idea if they like the Japanese band Mono. And I have no way of knowing if Mono Inc. is offering any internships that can be used for course credit. What I do know is that they have released their ninth (!) album this year and have a brand new music video for their song “The Banks of Eden” for us to watch.

0:02: Contracting Mono makes you instantly laugh hysterically right? Cause that’s happening right now.
0:05: Holy shit, it’s the Nutcracker Prince on bass!
0:09: And Crusty the Pirate on guitar!
0:11: The drummer is the most sensibly dressed out of anyone in the band and she could suffer a wardrobe malfunction at any second.
0:14: Not really sure why she’s so dirty, though.
0:19: He got the smudge under his eye while in prison. He murdered a Hostess fruit pie.
0:25: He’s part of Sgt. Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
0:31: His look can be described as “Fascist Dorklord”.
0:39: I think this video is giving me scurvy.
0:44: I’m getting a Mad Max/King Kong Bundy vibe from him.
0:49: You don’t want to use the Banks of Eden. Their ATM charges are through the roof.
0:55: “Don’t mind me, just saluting the computer used for editing this video.”
0:59: He must’ve gotten some digital rain in his eyes.
1:06: I think you have to actually move the rest of your body if you want to be considered “dancing”.
1:13: He’s never going to get back his Party City deposit now.
1:21: The frills on that shirt make Yngwie Malmsteen excited in the same way that fried cheese does.
1:28: I legitimately love how happy she looks in this video.
1:40: Strobe lightening provided by your 8th grade dance.
1:49: Is it too much to ask for a digital kraken to appear?
1:57: Or maybe some computerized ghost pirates?
2:07: Apparently, they could only afford that one random, out-of-place shot from the pirate ship.
2:15: So is this video pro-pirate? Anti-pirate? Supportive of pirate initiatives? Sympathetic to those lost at fake sea?
2:19: Those are some unenthusiastic ‘Heys’.
2:25: “Zooming in and out means the video has a plot, right?”
2:31: We call this “Resting Power Metal Face”.
2:38: There’s a serious lack of snakes and apples in this video about Eden.
2:50: He’s actually been stuck in those rocks for days. Send help!
3:00: They probably should have invested in some flares or maybe some Walkie-Talkies.
3:09: “Stranded here, on the banks of green-screen Eden…”
3:14: I hope his Michael Jackson-style jacket keeps him warm while stranded on those rocks for all eternity.
3:21: “Did I remember to shut off my alarm clock this morning?”
3:30: Mono Inc. died of exposure three days later.

Mono Inc.’s album Together Till The End is available now via NoCut Entertainment.

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