Unearth – The Swarm: A Video Breakdown


Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Mosh.

Unearth usually falls under the generic “New Wave Of American Heavy Metal” tag that was bestowed on a few bands that gained popularity in the early 2000’s. While they were contemporaries of bands like Lamb of God and Killswitch Engage, touring with both on the Headbangers Ball tour, Unearth always had more of a hardcore bent to their sound. Breakdowns, no clean vocals, and a more straight-forward aggression set Unearth apart and, one can argue, may have kept them from reaching the upper echelon of American metal. The upside, though, is that Unearth has managed to continue where similar bands such as Shadows Fall and God Forbid have called it quits. And hey, they’re still making music videos. Let’s see how “The Swarm” stacks up.

0:03: Wait, what band is this again?
0:08: I see wut u did dere.
0:11: Whoa whoa whoawhoawhoawhoa
0:15: Since when did Unearth become so shreddy? How long have I been asleep?
0:20: And when did they get a machine gun for a drummer?
0:24: Um, can someone close the curtains? It’s a little bright.
0:30: Oh man, when did WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose join Unearth?
0:40: Lens flare!
0:43: Lens flare!
0:46: First Piss Christ, now Blood Guitarist
0:50: Lens flare!
0:55: Lens…aw forget it.
0:58: Was this video directed by J.J. Abrams?
1:00: Is the cameraman drunk?
1:10: Or possibly really, really high?
1:14: Yes bartender, I’d like a Bloody Susi please. Extra celery.
1:22: The singer could really use some Beard Completer. He’s so close!
1:30: That digital sun is really hard on the old peepers. Can we get some digital blinds?
1:35: I love the paper football game!
1:41: Come on, you’re not even playing.
1:44: Bounce!
1:55: Mom, do you ever get that “Not so fresh feeling?”
2:03: They’re gunna crash! Look out!
2:12: Sorry ladies. He’s taken.
2:20: This is probably a good time to remind you that Unearth guitarist Ken Susi was in an emo rock band with both Adam D of Killswitch Engage, Karrie Whitfield of The Acacia Strain and Derek Kerswill of Seemless. Here’s a video to prove it.
2:29: At least Unearth still has some weedilies and deedilies.
2:39: I do miss the endless breakdowns though.
2:44: Can someone get this cameraman some Diazepam or some beta blockers. Anything to stop the constant woozy shots.
2:50: He has a microphone? Has he been using it this whole time?
2:59: Spinkick time!
3:17: Why even bother with a mic when you barely use it?
3:26: One more Lens Flare! For old time’s sake

Another video breakdown is in the books. What did you think? Was the green screen all that you’d hoped for? Are you now partially blind from all the lens flares? Did you break anything while throwing multiple spinkicks and windmills?

Unearth’s latest album “Watchers Of Rule” is available now.

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