Tech Death Thursday: Vimana


All aboard the magical flying pyramid! It’s Tech Death Thursday!


  • The Zenith Passage have stopped teasing us and finally gave us a new track. Turn your ears towards “Holographic Principle II: Convergence” for magical space music.
  • If that one was a bit too nice and/or clean for you, worry not; Wormed have also graced us with a new track. Check out “Pseudo-Horizon” right here and look for Krighsu on March 18th.
  • Weirdly-named Parasite of Human Side have an album coming out on the 25th, entitled Constellations. This one might tide you over until the new Vale of Peenath comes out; give “Obsolescence Serenade” a listen to see what I mean.
  • More new Obscura, and it’s an odd one to be sure. Fountainhead’s fretless guitar work is in full force on this one, and of the three tracks revealed so far, it has my favorite riffs by a long shot. Check it out at MetalSucks.
  • Weekly reminder that Brain Drill is still a thing.

Ah, who am I kidding? I harp on Brain Drill all the time, but the fact of the matter is I love them for what they do. They were Archspire before Archspire was Archspire, dragging tech death as far down the rabbit hole as they could. The difference is that Brain Drill doesn’t try to be tasteful in their songwriting; it’s all speed for speed’s sake, and they do it unabashedly. It’s borderline unlistenable, excessive in a genre about excess, and it’s perfect the way it is. With that, I give you: Vimana.

Featuring current and former members of Cephalic CarnageVale of Pnpaptph, and, uh, Swashbuckle, Vimana are another of those bands that takes the genre to its logical extreme. They occupy a space between the aforementioned Archspire and Brain Drill; they tend to err on the side of good taste, but they aren’t afraid to stray into full-on wank territory. “Resent Complacency” and “The Walking Plague” both are savage riff-driven tunes, and “Fire Is Born” is a creeping progressive piece, but “Destroy Industry” sounds like somebody tossed a guitar in a blender and hit record. It’s propelled forth by brain-bending tapping leads and jolts you around with sudden tempo changes and an awkward riff played using a killswitch instead of picking/strumming/what have you. It’s the audio equivalent of a Tilt-A-Whirl.

I know that doesn’t sound like a winning endorsement, but trust me; if you have any stomach for pure instrumental showmanship, it’s absolutely sublime. It’s a wonder that this sort of thing can be played accurately in the first place, and if you can keep up, you’ll notice there is coherency in the chaos. Though I doubt all but the tr00est of tech nerds will dive into The Collapse, it’s a beautiful storm should you choose to weather it.

If you like what you heard, check out Vimana on their Facebook and give them some monies at the Bandcamp link above. Until next time,

Stay Tech

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