Flush It Friday: October Patreon Rewards Coming Soon!


Patreon subscribers can count on some extremely cool shit coming their way.

Friends, it is Friday. I’ve been hard at work putting together an extremely spoopy collection of goodies for those of you with the kindness of heart to throw wadded up dollar bills at my g-string via Patreon. You can look forward to a hilarious bonus podcast episode with me, Breno, and 365. You can look forward to an extremely dank Halloween-themed playlist of metal jams from and inspired by horror movies. You can look forward to a physical cassette of that spooky playlist, hand assembled by yours truly (alongside some bonus swag and a handwritten thank you note).

If you haven’t yet joined the Patreon action, subscribe before October 1st and you’ll get these sweet ass goods delivered to your face/ears/address/being.

I’m getting back to dubbing these tapes. The floor is yours! Thank you for your continued support of this iToilet.

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