Washington Think Tank with W.: Call and Response?


Did you miss me last week? I apologize for the absence of a Think Tank post, but after working tirelessly to keep this toilet bowl safe and secure, I needed a little mental vacation. But never fear! W. will always be here to watch over you, wherever you may be. I’ve got your back like a butt crack.

Today’s Question: Best use of call and response in metal?

We’ve done a whole lot of thinkin’ here in the Tank, and some of my favorite discussions have centered on what y’all perceive are pristine examples of porcelain greatness within the genre we all know and love. This week, I’m pitching a new topic from a similar thread. Toilet friends, let’s talk about call and response. You know, that vocal (or musical) technique derived from blues and gospel music wherein a lead voice utters some sort of prompt (the call), and a choir or backing vocalists offer a retort (the response). Sounds simple, right? Well, in expert hands, it can prove most effective for hooking the listener and providing an interesting and dynamic vocal delivery. Below are five exhibits displaying some of my favorite examples of call and response.

Exhibit A: Lamb of God – Blacken the Cursed Sun

Exhibit B: Municipal Waste – Born to Party

Exhibit C: Accept – Blood of the Nations

Exhibit D: Turisas – In the Court of Jarisleif

Exhibit D: Doomsword – Heathen Assault

Well, what example of call and response hurts so good? Sound off in the comments below.

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