Washington Think Tank with W.: Is the future of metal here?


You know, for the last decade or so I have worked tirelessly to keep this country safe. I’ve put dudes in black bags and shipped them halfway around the world, played Barney music at high volumes in enclosed spaces in order to convince threats to national security to relinquish secrets, and spread propaganda disconcerting news to keep you aware of threats to you and your favorite holidays. However, despite my best intentions (and my NSA spy ring), I still can’t predict the future. So now I’m turning this problem over to you, the little people. Ain’t democracy great?

Today’s Question: Is the future of metal here?

This question has been niggling me for some time now. Are we truly experiencing ground-breaking new bands that are more important than any other band from the last decade, or are the big names of today simply flash-in-the-pan gimmicks that will wear out their welcome soon enough? Where is metal going? Who are the true innovators in this genre?

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