Let’s Help Dave Grohl Experience Total Ego Death


Do your part and sign this petition to force feed LSD to Dave Grohl til he experiences complete and total ego death.

Around here, we occasionally like to have a little fun at ol’ Dave Grohl’s expense. Dave Grohl, for better or worse, is the go-to figurehead for Rock n’ Roll™, a genre still clinging to the forefront of culture half a century past its prime. Long ago, rock music was the soundtrack to youth gone wild. Dangerous and unpredictable, rock was meant to be wild and anti-authority. Former drummer of the biggest Rock n’ Roll™ band in the world, Dave Grohl has in the decades since Nirvana made a hell of a living for himself creating inoffensive music for dull HBO documentaries and karaoke for scores of Italians.

A caring soul called Thor Speeler is doing the lord’s work by creating a petition on Change.org to make Dave the rock and/or roller we need. Thor Speeler’s plan? Force feed Dave Grohl LSD until he experiences ego death. Maybe, just maybe, by consuming enough lysergic acid diethylamide to completely annihilate every current reference point Dave Grohl has of Dave Grohl, he can crawl back from the edge of the abyss to discard every pleasant but dull Saint Cecelia he has stored in his songbook.

Who knows? Ideally, he’ll return from the brink of oblivion to create an opus of transgressive art that completely eclipses anything on Bleach. Or he could come back from his acid trip like the guy that played drums for milquetoast folk act Fleet Foxes to become Father John Misty. Oh god… Do we really need two of those insufferable pricks? What have we done?

Sign the petition here.


h/t Dagon and Crowhurst. If you’re in the mood for some harsh noise, check out Crowhurst’s Fuck You Dave Grohl. WARNING: Only click play if you’re fully prepared to blow your speakers out to fuck and back.

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