Flushcore Friday — ARROGATED


Your two favorite/most hated world leaders have usurped Flush Friday during the temporary absence of the cat with the fat.

All pumped up to have a great weekend lavish with contentment and positive vibes? Well too bad, you fucking nerd. You already clicked through and you can’t turn back now. While listening to metalcore will admittedly ruin your weekend by virtue of its supreme and unmatched shittiness, W. and I are here to drag you into a more poignant darkness by letting the dudes in Celtic Frost and Shining aurally beat the shit out of your feelings. Let’s get started on hating life.


Masterlord SteelDragon:

Shining’s Kvarforth is a horrible individual who would view the suicide of a fan under the influence of his music as a great honor. In his own words:

“The main purpose of Shining is being a weapon targeted directly at the listener, extracting and glorifying negativity in all its perverse forms.”

Here’s some of his best/worst work. In addition to being Riff of the Week-worthy, it’s my opinion that the spoken-word segment near the middle — an audio sample of a young girl during a bout of severe depression — is one of the most evocative and effecting moment in recorded music. Listen, and by doing so, flush all hope of a decent weekend.




There are few musicians in this world who are able to write downtrodden songs that resonate with me as much as Thomas Gabriel Fischer. Back in freshman year of college, many, many moons ago, a young, bummed out W. was cruising Myspace music late one night alone in his dorm room when he stumbled upon “Obscured” by Celtic Frost. This melancholy track from the band’s final album, Monotheist, struck a chord with my emotional state, and the hopeless lyrics lodged themselves into my heart. From the plaintive cries of “No! No! No!” to the ritualistic drums and droning riffs, this song has all the right ingredients to give an Edgar Allen Poe-level sadgasm, and it definitely resonated with my young mind. However, there’s something cathartic in that much anguish. There is no anger, only despair. Succumb to the negativity of “Obscured.”

“Somewhere inside.
It’s still obscured.
Darkness reflects.
Stronger than fear.
I seize control to inhale this final day.
I shut my mind but I’m falling anyway.”


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