TOMB RAIDIN’ TRACK PREMIERE: Alchemy of Flesh – Fiamma Nera Rites


Video games and death metal: two great tastes that taste great together.

You, the average Toilet ov Hell reader, are familiar with the works of Morbid Angel. Likewise, you’re also probably familiar with Trey Azagthoth, Morbid Angel’s resident guitar wizard, and his lifelong love of video games. Something about those tasty Floridian death metal riffs makes a mf wanna boot up Doom II. Science may never explain this phenomenon. Which brings us to Ageless Abominations, the debut record from a one-man, Morbid Angel-loving, vidya game-playing Georgian, Tim Rowland. Tim’s latest project, Alchemy of Flesh, games hard upon the altar of madness.

Ageless Abomination‘s lyrical themes run from Quake, Silent Hill, and, in the case of today’s premiere, Tomb Raider II. Tim explains, “The lyrics for Fiamma Nera Rites are about the antagonist secret crime occult gang, the Fiamma Nera (Italian for Black Flame), in Tomb Raider II. It follows their seeking of the artifacts that ultimately lead to the desired Dagger of Xian, that holds a bunch of special powers, one being the ability to become some sort of apocalyptic dragom through self-sacrifice using the dagger itself. Tomb Raider II’s story is a lot more dark and occult than people initially think and I wanted to represent it!”

Featuring artwork by Mike Browning(!), JCM900-powered riffage, and enough twists and turns to please even the most stalwart Morbid Angel fan, “Fiamma Nera Rites” will have you plugging in your Gateway PC for Annihilation (trapping butler in walk-in fridge).

Ageless Abominations drops August 13th, 2021 on Redefining Darkness. Go on ‘n git your digital and/or physical copies right here.

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