Watch Erik Rutan Shred with The Mountain Goats


Hate Eternal/ex-Morbid Angel guitarist handles lead guitar duties on fan-favorite Mountain Goats song “The Best Death Metal Band In Denton”.

Two worlds collided last night at the Orpheum in Tampa, Florida. John Darnielle, frontman for long-running folk band The Mountain Goats and notorious metalhead, surprised a packed crowd with a beloved Mountain Goats track, “The Best Death Metal Band in Denton”. Oh wait, that wasn’t the surprise. The surprise was that ERIK RUTAN, the guy that produced every death metal record under the sun, showed up onstage to shred the fuck out of a folk song. Thankfully, YouTube user Janiceofcourse was handy with her camera to capture the magic for us. Check this out:

The joy in Darnielle’s face is palpable as Rutan rips up his Iron Bird alongside a crowd screaming “HAIL SATAN”. It’s almost enough to carry me through this horrible Tuesday returning from a holiday break. Hail Satan, y’all.

The Mountain Goats are on tour right now, get the dates here. Erik Rutan probably won’t show up to the other shows but it doesn’t hurt to go and hope for the best.

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