What Metal Sticker Will You Slap on Your Whip This Election Season?


With the primary election season in the United States looming ever closer, it makes complete sense that we’ll start to see potential heads of state all over the place. The world of metal has never been one to shy away from political commentary, but illustrator Christophe Szpajdell has put a new twist on the public discourse. Check out his re-designed political logos below, courtesy of John Brownlee and Fast Company Design.

Are you a hemp-wearing liberal who condemns trickle down economics and volunteers down at your local social justice bureau? This Bernie Sanders logo would look great on the back of your Prius right next to your “COEXIST” sticker.

Are you a coal-rolling conservative with a keen distrust of scientific evidence and a yearning for the good ol’ days? Perhaps this Rick Perry pentagram would be well suited between your twin smoke stacks.

Are you a bitcoin-purchasing, police privatization enthusiast with feet firmly planted in the libertarian camp? Slap this Rand Paul sticker on your nightstand next to your copy of Atlas Shrugged.

You can check out the rest of the stickers here! So, with which party genre do you align? Which of these stickers is your favorite? Sound off in the comments below!

h/t u/fantoman at Reddit.

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