Winds Of Leng Album Giveaway!


Wanna win a copy (+ patch) of one of this year’s top death metal debuts? Shit’s eaaaasy!

Look, I’m gonna get straight to the point here. Winds Of Leng dropped an absolute monster of an album earlier this year, the shredding Swedeath sounds of Toilet ov Hell veteran Scrimm’s scimitar slaughtered all and sundry. McNulty prep’d us, we streamed it, and Horrid Dominion has been blowing our ears out ever since. But it wasn’t just lauded by our lavatorial legion, the album received positive press from all over the shop. The Dan Swanö mastered recording was recently picked up by the very kind and very trve warriors over at Metalstrom Recordings for a physical release, befittingly on the definitive early 90’s audio medium – the mighty cassette tape. To coincide with the release of this killer package, they’ve donated us a copy + patch combo to gift to one of you maniacs.

How can you get your grubby hands on this? All you’ve gotta do is photochop/edit/fuck with this picture of the Tall man in some way. Anybody who has spoken to Scrimm for more than 18 seconds knows his affinity for the Phantasm series, and if any of you are like our resident Ursus moustacheo Mr Leif Bearikson, you’re half-way through an October Horror marathon and this will tie-in nicely. Use Pixlr, MSPaint, crayon, lithograph, whatever is easiest for you. Maybe make a meme, throw him in a weird situation, attach his head to an unsuspecting victim, add something to the background…anything. To get your started I’ll post the original photo, along with a transparently backed body cut-out and head. Simply post your entries in the comments below and we’ll choose a winner by the end of the week. Multiple entries are permitted. Open slather!


If you need better cut-outs of those, feel free to make them for yourself, ingrate.

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