7 Signs You Have Listened To Music


Brought to you by Buttzfeed Music.

1. You have purchased music at some point. Chances are, if you’ve spent money on music, either digitally or physically, you’ve listened to that purchase.

2. You own a pair of headphones. What do you have headphones for, if not to listen to music?

3. Sometimes, when you’re alone, you sing your favourite songs. How would you have favourite songs to sing if you didn’t listen to music? QED, atheists.

Shower Singing

4. You’ve attended a concert. Unless you’re deaf, attending that concert pretty much guarantees you’ve listened to music.

5. You listen to music. If you’re aware, why are you reading this list? This is for people who don’t know.

6. You can play one or more of the instruments. This is a damn good indication you’ve listened to music.

7. You read a Buttzfeed list and at least three of the points applied to your life. If you’ve done this, then congratulations! You listen to music.

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