Toilet Radio Talks Rap Beef, Licensed Video Games, and Sincere Apologies


The three BOYZ are back in town to bring you the insights only their beautiful minds can summon. We start off with discussing Anthony Fantano’s awful 4chan audience, move on to the hilarious Vince Staples/Ronnie Radke beef, discuss Joe’s latest ICP concert, talk about Breno’s experiences at Rock and Shock metal and horror festival, the SNES Classic and its shameful lack of hard R-rated licensed games, sincere apologies (including one of our own), a SPIRITED (haha!) talk about horror movies for Halloween ’17, and why Rob Zombie is a damn hack. It’s a good one, folks!

Music featured on this program:
Minenfeld – “Tote Erde” from Promo 2017 (Bandcamp)

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