Flush It Friday IV: When the Weekend Comes Around

Happy Friday, Dane lovers!

I quit my job today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pay
The only thing that’s real

Seriously, folks, I’m making moves. Maybe it’s because it’s Sagittarius season; maybe it’s my nature as a mercurial creative type to create challenges for myself. For 2022, I want something different. I want to level up. I also could stand to level down by losing like 20 pounds—whatever my next landing place, I’m committed to getting there by bike as often as I can.

As we enter list season, I’ve taken the opportunity of considering my favorite albums for the year to also reflect on when I was listening to those albums and what was going through my head at the time. And, Toilet, it has been a wild 337 days. We had an insurrection. We had the pandemic. And, boy, did we have a lot of great metal, no? Much like I’m excited for new life changes and new beginnings, I’m so excited for some of the folks who released albums this year to get back to the studio and continue pushing their visions forward. From tech death to atmoblack, there was a lot to love—musically—about 2021.

In the spirit of reflection, let’s look back at what my Toilet colleagues served up this week!

Sepulcrustacean took a deep dive into Funeral Chant‘s sophomore album:

Funeral Chant – Dawn of Annihilation

We painted again, which was fun as hell, and Hans won by a country mile. Congrats!

Life is Pain(t): Part Quatre – A Brush With Death

Chag urim sameach from Iron Goddess of Mercy, who shared 8 nights’ worth of EPs:

Extended Play: Chanukah Edition

And Spear shared a ripping early premiere from Polish death titans Dormant Ordeal:

Tech Death Thursday: Stream Dormant Ordeal’s The Grand Scheme of Things In Full

Any casual Toileteers have some AOTYs you haven’t seen on here? What are you looking forward to in 2022 (come what may)? Leave your early December ponderings and G/B/Us in the comments!

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