YOU Choose the Best Unsigned Band in the U.S.: The CHAMPIONSHIP

Who will it be?

Today you are tasked with choosing the best unsigned band in the United States. Don’t fuck it up.

Last week, our number one seed, California’s Destroy Judas met their end at the hands of Maine’s Sylvia. Eternal Khan‘s run of victories had all the makings of a Cinderella story, but they were stopped dead in their tracks by the might of Michigan’s Blackgate. Which brings us, finally, to the championship match. After five rounds of brutal competition, we’re sorting this best band business out once and for all.

Some people say that art isn’t a competition. Those people are losers. EVERYTHING is a competition. Here at the Toilet ov Hell, we’ve gone and declared the best unsigned band in each state of the union. Now we’re pitting these warriors against each other for the right to claim the ultimate prize: The title of Best of the Best. Which band will champion their state to glory? That’s up for you to decide.

Each state was seeded by population size. The 14 most-populous states received a first round bye. Today, the final two bands are battling it out for supremacy. Sylvia (ME), and Blackgate (MI). Voting for this round closes Sunday, October 4th at 5:00 PM CST.

Sylvia (Maine) VS. Blackgate (Michigan)

Sylvia – “Sylvia offer varying speeds and tempos, accelerating to enable thunderous drum beats replete with furious guitar riffs that crush souls… before abruptly taking a foot off the gas to pummel you into submission with lurching, sinister breakdowns.”

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Blackgate – “How often do you get to use the phrase “powerthrash”? Well, at least once thanks to the dudes in Blackgate. They combine some truly gnarly thrash riffs, vocals that soar like the endangered early 90’s version of the American Bald Eagle, and some infectious choruses to great effect. If you don’t find yourself grooving along or whipping out your best falsetto, there’s a solid chance you’re probably dead inside.”
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