Riff ov the Week: 1-9-15


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Electric guitarist his passionate playing.

Welcome back to our weekly riff contest/circle-jerk.

We had something of an upset last week when Bölzer (Ol’ Joe’s pick) came as close as they ever have to losing a Riff ov the Week contest – they tied with some band called Throne or something (Boss the Ross’s pick). Well done, boys. We’ll break the tie by determining which of you is the better kisser. I’ll be the judge.

I have a cool idea for next week. Here it is – your riff must be from a band you were introduced to by a fellow toileteer. Be it a post from the site, or a recommendation from the TovH Facebook group. Let’s jerk this circle.

Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation. If you have an idea for a theme, let me know.



The transition into the riff at 5:40 doesn’t pack quite as much of a gut punch unless you listen to the acoustic bit building before it at 4:30, but shit, man. This riff makes me want to make a big change.



The riff that kicks off at 8:56 into “Randulf” is the sound of time collapsing as you desperately race away from a collapsing dimension.



Pyrexia were one of the godfathers of the Long Island death metal scene. Their debut album Sermon Of Mockery is probably considered their most classic album, but I’m picking something from their follow-up EP because I think the vocals on this album are some of the most ferocious in death metal. The vocalist is now in Internal Bleeding and the guitarist is in Suffocation. Grind at 1:48.



All the riffs in this song are amazing, the one I like best starts at about 0:25.



No idea what they’re saying since it’s Hungarian, but one of the unsung heroes of 80’s traditional metal. Riff starts at 2:45.



1-7-16, 2:14pm:
Um . . .
Listen closely at 0:00. This is the best of all Dornenreich riffs which can rightly be considered Dornenreich riffs; that is, riffs written/played by Dornenreich.


Boss the Ross

Saviours is a band that lives in the alley between fuzzed-out-doom and thrash metal, in a lean-to propped on the doom side. A perfect blend of catchy-as-hell head-nodding grooves and intricate break neck riffs. On their second album, Into Abaddon, Saviours give an excellent example of fuzzy-thrash with Narcotic Sea, a 6 minute ripper from front to back. Riff after riff hits you square in the chest. Starting with a power chord heavy main riff and inter played with single note transitions. But at 2:27 the band lays down one hell of an NWOBHM worship riff. YES. Give me more. It’s given only once more, then the band slow it down, get laid back and enter the Iommic Caravan Temple that is the last 2 and a half minutes of the song. Grooooooooovyyyy sshhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt.



I have a lot of wonderful memories attached to this band’s music. Because of recent events, the music now just bums me the fuck out. In a good way, though, I guess. Anyway, the riff at 3:33 (and again at 6:33) is awesome. I’ve always loved this riff. It used to give me a hopeful, encouraging vibe; it now gives me the heartbreaking feels. My silly change of emotional perspective has no negative impact on the sheer greatness of the riff.





Ted Nü-Djent

I had another riff in mind to submit this week but thanks to a post in the Facebook group this week I’m submitting this instead. Riff has feels and starts at 3.55 but I recommend listening to the build up to the riff for maximum boner effect.


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