20GRIT – NothingCanStopMe!: A Video Breakdown


Holy GRIT.

I’m not going to lie. Sometimes it can be a struggle finding a video to break down every week. There are just some weeks where nothing is popping. Every new music video released is just a bunch of dudes playing in a warehouse or it’s a live video or it’s some lady running around the woods. Not particularly exciting stuff. By the grace of Joe, that is not the case this week. Some divine force has shined their light upon us and given us the gift of 20GRIT.

San Jose’s 20Grit are a heavy metal band that originally formed in 1987, but only have one album release under their belt. Lucky for us, though, because the band has been on a spree of making music videos over the past year including a video for their song “NothingCanStopMe!” Lucky us! Let’s break it down.


Wow, this version of The Sims looks amazing.


If Spuds MacKenzie shows up I’m ready to declare this the greatest music video of 1989.


Since she appeared out of thin air, I’m going to have to assume she’s a witch. Or an acid flashback.


When I die, I want a laser light show surrounding my grave too.


Some say Chris Holmes never really got out of that pool.




The original ending to Game Of Thrones.


The motorbike thingy really adds to the narrative.


Man, I really need to catch up on The Walking Dead. I’m totally lost.


Coronavirus: Day 100


I don’t think 20GRIT has any new albums coming out, but you can keep up on everything 20GRIT via their website, Facebook, and Metal-Archives. Take that, Between The Buried And Me!

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