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All For Metal - Legends

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(This review was written by Jake)

A new legend is born with the German-Italian crossover heavy metal throwback act, All For Metal. Catching fire in 2022, metal’s answer to Milli Vanilli (jokes, all jokes I promise. Put down the sword) is the passion project of vocalists Antonio Calanna (formerly of DeVicious), and Tim “Tetzel” Schmidt (Asenblut). The pair with a talented cast of masked musicians follow the path set by legends of metal’s past like Manowar to start a legacy of their own.

This record is going to be a bit of a tough sell if you’re not a power metal fan. From the presentation of the music to the aesthetic and atmosphere it’s a bit all over the place. For those who “get the joke” it’s a romp with Tetzel and Antonio but for others it’s going to be a bit of a non-starter. Noticeably the production is a little rough which doesn’t do the admittedly solid performances justice. The mix is somewhat messy and jumbles everything together at points but there are bright spots and the musicianship and playing is commendable.

Backing musicians Florian Toma (bass), Leif Jensen (drums) and guitar duo Ursula Zanichelli and Jasmin Pabst all have really solid showings with each getting their own spotlight moments throughout the record but the make or break for most listeners will be the vocalists. Strongman Tim “Tetzel” Schmidt, and boisterous showman Antonion Calanna both are clearly talented singers and the pair do share some chemistry, but it feels like they haven’ t fully gelled together yet. Sometimes Schmidt’s overly macho delivery unintentionally distracts from Calanna and the pair from time to time sound out of place but there are moments where they come together well and show promise for future projects.

While there are certainly low points and bloating on some tracks, there are bright spots where there is a balance between performance and posturing. Cuts like “All For Metal”, “Born in Valhalla”, and “Fury of the Gods” all show the group’s talent for crafting catchy and immersive metal. In the future I hope they grow to expand on similar concepts and ideas.

Legends is a mixed bag of a mission statement by a band with big aspirations. It’s obvious the group is very dedicated and is having an absolute blast playing and I can’t in good conscience criticize them for that. This debut lays a solid foundation for future projects but this record does not instantly command another listen or stand out among the sea of power metal that somehow is always consistently seeing new releases. All For Metal shows promise and there are certainly cuts on here that are fun and entertaining but there are some bits and pieces that could have been left on the cutting room floor.

Top Tracks: “Born in Valhalla”, “Fury of the Gods”, and “All For Metal”

3/5 Flaming Toilets ov Hell

Legends is out July 7th, 2023 via AFM Records.

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