Flush it Friday: Hey, there’s new Mammoth Grinder


The flushening shall commence.

Well lookee here. Just this morning Mammuff Grindr dropped a brand new EP for your listening pleasure. You’ve got two tracks to stuff in your ears, one new original track called “Lunar Mass” and a cover of Germs “We Must Bleed” that kicks an inordinate amount of ass. Listen now.

As for the highlights for the week:

Kit & Pat played some new jams and talked about the fucking Sonic movie.

Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.19 21st Century Hedgehog Man

Me and Jordan sat down with his old buddy Ron Varod for what is surely one of the most entertaining interviews we’ve ever done.

Toilet Radio 182: On the Road with Ron Varod

Please watch I Think You Should Leave. I want more of it.

I Think You Should Watch I Think You Should Leave

We’re currently trying to figure out the best album of 2012. Go put your dime down.

You Pick The Top Albums ov 2012

I’m out doggs. Have a good weekend.

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