Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.33 – Region Not Supported On This Life


New death/thrash/grind from Cannabis Corpse, Phobocosm/Immolation, Maggot Cave, Horror God, Algebra, and Cosmic Behemoth. We also talk about the Matrix/Spiderman shitstorm, shitty Megadeth & Slayer covers, vomiting all over bile on your dick, haunted se(a)men, DVD region hax, and other life skills.

New Music Featured This Week:

Maggot Cave – ‘Sack Whack Headlock’ from Pub Full Of Maggots (out now)
Cannabis Corpse – ‘Cylinders Of Madness’ from Nug So Vile (out 1/11)
Horror God – ‘Age Of Madness’ from Cursed Seeds (out 27/9)
Algebra – ‘Pulse?’ from Pulse? (out 30/9)
Cosmic Behemoth – ‘Amaranthine Embellished Serement’ (out now)
Phobocosm – ‘Here In After’ [Immolation cover] from Everlasting Void (out 27/9)

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