Riff ov the Week: 1-2-15 // Riffs from New Bands


expressive young man playing rock-n-roll music on his electric guitar – retro, vintage style.

I shit you not, dude. That’s what it says.


I’m sure you’re all dying to know whose entry won RIFF OV THE YEAR 2015 last (sorta) week. Drum roll, please…


And there you have it. A lame tie. If anyone was wondering — I got 2 votes.

This week we’re running with an idea Joe had – riffs from bands that have no yet dropped a full-length album.

Next week, it’s a normal contest. Just get some killer riffs in. My Saturday needs them. Send your riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the video, the time of the riff, and a short description. If you have an idea for a theme, do let me know. They’re quite fun.




I saw one (or was it some?) of you smuggle this album onto your year-end list regardless of the fact that it’s actually just an wee little EP. For that I commend you, and I sorta regret deciding against it myself, because this EP has been crushing my bones to a coarse, shard-ridden powder and snorting it since early September. After a little Demilich worship, they kick into a tremolo riff (about 0:50) that melts all my innards every time like damn.



0:08 – HA, I win.



Yes, Khthoniik Cerviiks have completed their debut full-length, and yes, that full-length is sitting in my inbox, but technically speaking, this band has still not released a proper full length, and that’s the best kind of speaking. The riffs in “The Great Sidereal Swindle” flow like molten chaos, but I’ll go with the weird atmospheric riff that sounds like a swarm of sentient meteorite locusts at 0:36.


Nordling Rites of Karhu

Tukkanuotta is stupid fun, we’re talking Power Trip levels of fun. They’re so fun I’m willing to wager they’re Danish instead of Finnish as they claim (fuck Denmark, go Riddemark). During their career they released four Eps and a split. This riff is from their last ep, start at the beginning. Unfortunatley Tukkanuotta met it’s demise early this year as an amendment to the propaganda law was passed, finally banning “fun”, so we will never see a full-length.



The weird thing is that i had an idea for a riff the moment I saw the theme, but life and stuff got in the way of the more important things, riff submisions. Moon Tooth is a fun not-Leprous-progressive-progressive metal band with fun riffs. The opening riff of Storm Pill is especially fun.






4:48. This was one of my favorite finds of 2015–even though it was released in I think 2014. (When, o when, will we see a full length?) It comes from an EP or demo or something. From the pretty good label Fallen Empire. It’s NAME YOUR PRICE, CHEAPSKATE at the camp of bands, so why not go throw them a few euros or shekels or whatever and get low with your bad self ???



Opening riff of the title track off the debut demo by Venifixion. This riff mercilessly beats the shit out of you then leaves before you have a chance to beg for mercy.


Virgil the Ghost Poet

Who doesn’t love Whores. They just got signed and their first full length of noisy goodness will be released later this year.



I actually didn’t believe “Speed Metal Project” was a legitimate band when I first came across them. Turns out they are and the opening riff in this song is kinda cool.



Off the top of my head, I can think of only a couple bands with killer demos/EPs and no full-length album. I could have done a little research, but I’m on vacation. It’s imperative that I stay away from computers as much as possible during this vacation, or I won’t regain enough sanity to make it through 2016 without being a threat to myself and others. Anyway, the beginning riff (which goes until about 0:36) is one of the dirtiest, nastiest, bleakest, angriest, heaviest riffs I’ve heard in ages. This chain of superlatives applies to the entire crushing song, which is pure desolation.



11:18. These riffs are my kind of catchy. Simple but effective, and returning from the opening of the song. The speedier riff is cool but its the badass groovy bit that hooks me each time. Every time I listen to it I feel the urge to headbang. BÖLZER manage to bring rawness and wed it with unorthodox riffs that set them apart, leaving myself and others highly anticipating a full-length.


Ted Nü-Djent

Ever have an album that jumps up out of nowhere and just sucks you in? Yeah it happens quite a bit but for me the one that did the most this year is the debut album from Tau Cross.In an album chock full of riffs it was damn hard to pick just one so in the end I decided to go with the main riff from Fire In The Sky (about 41 seconds in, listen until the end of the first chorus). Such huge, catchy anthemic riffs in this song that if you don’t like it, one would have to ask, “Do you even riff bro?”


Boss the Ross

A few weeks back the Toilet’s favorite doomshake, KJM, introduced me to an English band by the name of Throne. He told me to check out their EP, Where Tharsis Sleeps and said it was a concept about terraforming Mars. So I gave it a listen.Riffs, riffs and more riffs.Riffs piled on top of riffs cascaded upon me. It was superb. My pick for rffiest song is “Surface of Stone”. The intro riff hits you, proceed the head-nodding and the verse riff kills it. The interlude comes around the 2:45 mark, drum beats at 3:15 and your just waiting on the buildup. STOP. 3:43 kicks in, hell yes. The riff changes once at 4:13 but I want you to pay attention to the change at 4:28. That’s THE RIFF. The excellence in it’s descending notes with an ascending finish is pure bliss.You’re welcome. (All votes are to be shared with KJM).



Icelandic band Naðra released this 2-track album in 2014 and are set to drop a full-length in January 2016, their band name has a cool looking letter in it, so you know it’s good. Naðra feature members of MisÞyrming, Carpe Noctem and Skáphe, 66.6% of whom, also have cool letters in their names, so you know it’s going to be extra good. The riff starts at the beginning. It’s really extra good, you know?

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