An Ode to the kid moshing through the pit at a Power Trip show


A legend was born on the day you decided to circle pit through a couple’s engagement photo.

Last week at the South By So What?! festival in Grand Prairie, a sweet boy got down on one knee and proposed to his best gal right in the middle of the pit at a Power Trip performance. Best of luck to those crazy kids. But this isn’t a post about a pair of Tumblr teens in love. This is a post about the bold young man with the audacity, the tenacity, the joie de vivre, to gorilla mosh right through their special photo.

This two photo sequence encapsulates the entire human condition. There is surprise, love, joy, but most importantly, EXUBERANT FUCKING MOSHING. I’m sure the happy couple are great people and all, but let’s focus on that contorted figure furiously kicking away their love as if it were a flimsy door hiding a dank collection of Lockin’ Out merch. Like an artist’s feverish depiction of the range of human motion, legs akimbo, face distorted, he is man’s athletic prowess.

Handily defeating all competition in a fleet footrace, Power Trip Moshing Kid is speed.

Besting our greatest champion in a bout of Greco-Roman wrestling, Power Trip Moshing Kid is a fighter.

Destroying the Earth’s fortified structures, Power Trip Moshing Kid is terrifying power.

For love is fleeting, but awkward pictures of kids moshing will last forever. Power Trip Moshing Kid, take your rightful place alongside the pantheon of mosh meme gods.

(Eternal blackened hails to 365 Days of Horror for making some of these ‘chops)

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