Show Us Your Haul IV: The Return of Mailmanbro


Many posts ago he changed the face of The Toilet ov Hell. Today he’s back.

Once only whispered about in dark corners, Mailmanbro has now earned his place in all of our hearts. The Bringer of Vinyl and The Bearer of Band Shirts are among the lofty titles given to this great and noble person. A person that we can rely on in times of distress and celebrate with in times of joy. In this fourth installment we again show our adoration for this mysterious and worldly figure.

Mailmanbro and Recordstorebro worked in collaboration once again to bring me some classic LPs, the third Dunsmuir 7 inch and a small collection of Sequestered Keep tapes and buttons.


Mailmanbro brought Jack Bauer an upside down Plebeian Grandstand CD and other albums featured on the Toilet.


The Mighty Beargod received a mighty haul from the mighty Mailmanbro and his mighty mate, Steelfestbro to include IRON MAIDEN and Scanner.


Mailmanbro helped Brian the Lumberjack diversify his collection, bringing him Blasphemy Vinyl, Helcaraxe CD and a smorgasbord of stickers, patches and koozies.

Brian the Lumberjack

Thanks to Mailmanbro, Hans Müller has been catching up on some hardcore classics with Discharge and Ripcord. And what is that I spy in the corner? The coolest shirt anyone will buy this year!

hans muller

Mailmanbro has proven yet again that Unspeakable Axe Records is the Toilet’s favorite label this year by providing SuperNintendoChalmers with Ripper, Mortal Sin, Nucleus and Algebra. 


SuperNintendoChalmers also received two of the heaviest shirts I’ve seen. There is no way he could stand up wearing the Graves at Sea and Inverloch shirts that Mailmanbro brought him.


With Mailmanbro’s help, Elegant Gazing Globe scored the Full Dynamic Range pressing of this Morbid Angel classic.


Mailmanbro has hooked FineSexyLadies with not one, but two upright Plebeian Grandstand LPs.


Mailmanbro bestowed Leif Bearikson a non-music related but definitely pretty metal movie, Dog Soldiers.


Jom Pooterson was given the Toilet’s favorite 33 minute one-track album by Mailmanbro, along with a few others.


Mailmanbro delivered Ted Nü-Djent Vektor, Katatonia and Isahn, three widely appreciated recent releases.


And check out these IRON MAIDEN shirts! Good work Ted.


Mailmanbro brought Tyree his crust and d-beat vinyl fix with Lautstürmer, WolfpackWar Victims and more.


Sweettooth0 shows us another facet of the Mailmanbro family with his good friend Marylanddeathfestmerchbro.  I can’t even begin to describe how these pictures make me feel. The merch depicted includes Sodom, Gruesome, Pentagram, Pissgrave, Bongripper, Rotten Sound, Warlord, the list goes ever onward. By Grabthar’s Hammer, what a haul!

Sweetooth0 1 Sweetooth0 2 Sweetooth0 3

And finally Mailmanbro delivered to Lacertilian a Barshasketh hoodie to keep his cold-blooded body warm in the upcoming Australian winter.



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