Answer this question and win a FREE copy of Mitochondrion’s reissued Antinumerology


Just a few months ago, our good pal Loic of Krucyator Productions announced that Canadian death machine Mitochondrion‘s ball-crushing, spirit-draining 2013 EP, Antinumerology, was getting the reissue treatment. Today, I’m pleased as punch to give you a chance to own this nasty bit of business on CD, totally free. All you have to do is answer me one question.

We all know the mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell, but what about these other guys? Does the flagellum get you feeling frisky? Does the stress granule create the perfect DSBM atmosphere? Are you crazy for membrane solos? What really gets you globin?

What is the most metal cellular organelle, and why?

Just leave your answers in the comments, and I’ll pick one winner to send a sealed copy of Antinumerology, courtesy of Krucyator.


If you aren’t clever enough to make microbiology jokes, consider this your chance to revisit a killer EP from one of the best Canadian extreme metal bands. It’s got everything you want in death metal and more! Killer riffs! Oppressive atmosphere! Horrifying growls! Mind-bending drums! Occult wizardry! Antinumerology is Mitochondrion distilled to a lethal, toxic dose, and it remains a critical piece in the band’s highly acclaimed discography.

If you want to buy your own copy, do so at Krucyator’s Bandcamp page here. Many thanks to Loic for the prize, and keep your eyes open for new music from Mitochondrion soon.

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