I Believe I Can Slam: Meshuggah vs. Michael Jordan, Part 2


Welcome all to MonstarCity, where B-ball is that of the insane
All is slamfusion in MonstarCity
Ball to it, it knows your game

In 1996, producer Ivan Reitman and director Joe Pytka struck artistic genius when they paired living legend and basketball superstar Michael Jordan with irreverent toon icon Bugs Bunny in the most important film endeavor of this age or any other. Space Jam was a triumph to creativity and would become the best-selling basketball film of all time, easily earning a spot atop the upper echelon of sports drama. In 2014, intrepid remixist Analog Staple breathed new life into the legacy of Jordan’s most important contribution to basketball by combining its iconic, monumental theme song with Meshuggah’s landmark 2008 release obZen to create slamZenthe new gold standard by which all other slam efforts would be judged.

For two years, slamZen has sat upon the throne of stolen basketball talent like a swollen Monstar overlord!

However, the long drought of quality Space Jam odes is finally at an end, for Analog Staple has returned with yet another inimitable work of slamtasy, once again mining Stan’s divot to Toonland to create yet another remix of Meshuggah and Michael Jordan. All hail The Violent Slam of Reason, your new alien overlord and the latest, greatest attraction at Moron Mountain. Boy howdy does this thing slam harder than Charles Barkley deeming an objectionable piece of athleticism as “turrble.”

I actually think The Violent Slam of Reason slams harder than even slamZen. The fertile groove of massive cuts like “By the Ton” and “Ivory Tower” just hit all that much harder when paired with all the ponderous bulk of Patrick Ewing. When Thomas Haake’s poly-meters start colliding with that opening invocation of “Everybody get up, it’s time to slam now,” I can truly feel my spirit lifting. If Michael Jordan can stretch his arm to score the game-winning basket and Haake can keep all of those fills straight in his head, surely I can make it through another day. I believe I can slam.

You can and should throw Analog Staple a few bucks on Bandcamp. You can get his entire catalog of slams for just two dollars, yo! Do it for Bill Murray!

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