Who the &$#@ is Metal Sanaz?


“Um hello Facebook!? Don’t you know that there’s nothing more important than a woman with 0 talent who has the ability to make ALL other women look bad too?”Metal Sanaz


Pictured: Masuimi Max having her naked titties licked by Metal Sanaz

Pictured: Masuimi Max having her naked titties licked by Metal Sanaz


There is nothing more infuriating than feeling like I have to stand up for a Kardashian. NOTHING. But sometimes, someone in the metal community says something so incredibly stupid, I feel as if I have to say something. I hate hypocrisy. I hate seeing someone in our incestuous little community say stupid shit and not calling them out on it. Unfortunately, that stupid shit is about Kim Kardashian, and the person in question is one of the most irritating figures in our metal community; one Metal Sanaz.

Who is Metal Sanaz, you may ask? Well, according to her website…

“Sanaz has been a driving force in the metal industry since the year 2000. Using her Skill set, determination and exotic beauty to promote upcoming as well as established acts. Her goal…. to bring attention to artists who don’t receive the mainstream media exposure they deserve.

Breaking onto the scene as the founder and host of “MySpace: A place for Metal” Sanaz brought focus and illumination to literally thousands of acts via nearly a million and a half followers and fans of Metal music. Boasting over 70 Million views to her media content of hosted interviews and spot lighted videos, she has a record of reaching fans world wide that few can contend with.

A fact.

A fact made all the more impressive once you consider everything she’s achieved has been done through perseverance, determination and a true and pure love for Heavy Metal. She’s carved her niche without label representation, management or industry backing.
To put it in context and perspective she’s; “self made”, “self promoted” and “multi platinum”.
This however is not the end of her story, rather just what’s been written till now. There are old goals to finish,…. new goals to embark upon.

There will always be METAL and where you find it, you will find Metal Sanaz.”

If you’re still curious about who she is, this may help.

Metal Sanaz Bra


Pictured: Metal Sanaz pointing at her ass

Yes, that’s right. Everyone’s favorite Lip Service model is a member of our metal community. Not because she’s a musician, but because she interviews them. Also, she is a model. So basically, she’s a big metal fan. Cool! We can always use more metal fans, right? Especially metal fans that dress in cute outfits.

But in the end, that’s what Metal Sanaz is. A metal fan who wears cute outfits. Her job is to wear cute outfits, to say cute things, to be cute. And she is cute! So it’s not wonder why she’s such a success. Which is why I found it rather strange that she would have the audacity to say something like this about Kim Kardashian:

“After clicking on it, I felt a shamed to be a woman and how low some people go for MORE of whatever they are after. Now it’s fine and great if some people loved it, I don’t care one way or another. But for me it was one of the top ten horrible things a woman could have done to represent woman. And I won’t even go into the rest of the reasons that are TONS that makes these photos just fuckin down right wrong… Just HOW LOWWWWW DO SOME GO?” — Metal Sanaz

I know, right? JUST HOW LOWWWW?

Sanaz and ladies

Pictured: Metal Sanaz grabbing a woman’s bare ass

What is the message, here? It’s cool to objectify women, but Kim Kardashian is different. Why is that, I wonder? Because she took a photo of her butt? Is taking fetish photos a better way to respect women? Look, this is heavy metal. We’ve got topless women (Butcher Babies, Huntress) on huge tours all over the place. I’ve never seen Metal Sanaz get distressed over a photo of Huntress with her giant plastic tits, but woah, hold the phone! A woman has a BIG NAKED ASS. That’s DIFFERENT. Because ASS.


Is it really all that different? Or is it simply some body-shaming bullshit?

Lets be real, here. Metal Sanaz makes a living being practically naked, but nobody complains because she’s the Hollywood ideal; thin. If you gave her a big ass and a tan, how different would she really be from Kim Kardashian?

Because this:


Is apparently way classier than this:


Why? Is it only okay to pose in sexy photos if you’re thin?

Whatever. The point is, lets cut the bullshit.


Pictured: Jill Janus’ bare ass

We keep hearing this argument from metal fans about why so many chicks in metal don’t deserve the fame they get. I get that. It’s not like we all don’t know that the Butcher Babies or Huntress wouldn’t be half as famous if they didn’t pose naked (unless you consider this track a work of art), and if you want to call them out on it, fine by me.

But you do not get to call someone out for selling sex when you do the exact same fucking thing. You do not get to pretend that you’re outraged by one naked ass when you’re perfectly okay with naked ass that fits your limited specifications. If Jill Janus pointed a finger at the Butcher Babies chicks and said “Ewww, they’re so gross! How could anyone post such gross photos of their naked boobs?” would anyone defend her? Probably not. So why are we pointing fingers at the Kardashian chick? Because she’s not thin, so her big ass is not okay?

We seem to be perfectly fine with tits and ass in heavy metal. Lets not pretend that we’re offended by them, elsewhere.

If you’re okay with seeing Jill Janus’ giant balloon tits, the Butcher Babies’ camel toe, and Metal Sanaz’ fetish photos, you do not get to bitch about Kim Kardashian. She’s no different than they are. They’re all paid to get naked.

And because I know how much you all love seeing these photos, here’s a reminder of what people are complaining about.



I know, right? How incredibly offensive.

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