Best Riff of 2016: Cadaveric Fumes vs. Khemmis vs. Naðra vs. Celestial Grave


I asked you to send me the best metal riff of 2016. Your submissions have been tallied and entered here. Our entrants are Cadaveric Fumes, Khemmis, Naðra, and Celestial Grave. Today, you will determine which band wrote the best riff of 2016.

LAST WEEK was a battle over the best Mercyful Fate riff. Eliza and Dumpster Lung came up with great entries, but ultimately Dumpster Lung’s choice of “Into the Coven” bested “Evil”. Congrats DL!


NEXT WEEK‘s Riff or Raff falls on Christmas Eve. In celebration of the day, I want you to send me the best riff from a song or a band with “Christ” in the title. If you wanna play, here’s what you gotta do:

-Write 50-500 words about why your riff rules

-Include a link to stream your selection, the timestamp for your riff, and your screen name

-Email me at

THIS WEEK we’re taking stock of the most ace riffs from 2016 and pitting them all against each other. Who had the best riff of 2016? We’ve got four competitors ready to go in this battle royale, so let’s get it on!

Cadaveric Fumes writes masterful riffs that sometimes sound like classic Death Metal and sometimes sound like something off of Nirvana’s Bleach. The riff in question, at 2:25, may be my second favorite Death Metal riff, next to that one from that song by Morbid Angel which appears in that movie where that foxy lady gets possessed by demonic lipstick and then crashes a student party by slam-dancing all over the place. Back to this riff: it is at once classy and bizarre and will never leave my head. –Richter

Every year an album seems to come out of nowhere and really make me stand up and pay attention. This year that album was Khemmis’ Hunted. While I had checked out Absolution briefly the year before, it just did not grab me the way that their sophomore album has (I have since revisited Absolution and atoned for my earlier snubbing). For mine, there is not a minute wasted on this album especially on the albums closing and album title track. The riff I have chosen is a riff that Tony Iommi himself would have been proud to write back in Sabbath’s heyday and really kicks into gear one epic track, which if it isn’t my favourite song of the year, it would be damn well near the top. I couldn’t find a single song video on You Tube so go to 31.38 on the below vid and where it makes a return at 34.35. I do recommend you skip back to the beginning of the song though and listen to the build up. Cheers. –Ted Nü-Djent

Riff @ 0:13. In an album full of stand out riffs, how does one stand out? Well, first you take a riff of the most infectious earworm variety, and then you layer another riff of the even more infectious earworm variety directly on top of it. Then you kick the whole thing off with the right combination of “Ugh” and blasting. Have it! –Stanley

2016 was a ridiculously amazing year for metal, but there is one singular riff that trumps all other for me.  Celestial Grave released their demo through the unfuckwithable Iron Bonehead Productions and it fucking rules.  The opening track from said demo has one of the heaviest yet catchiest riffs I have ever heard.  The riff starts at 2:10 so blast it loud. –Brock Samson

Now you must choose.

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