Premiere: Korpsesoturi – ‘Kävelevä Ruumis’


Death metal from The Beyond

Four years, and a demo that ended up re-recorded for an EP, Korpsesoturi – a one-man death metal band from Kouvola, Finland – is ready with his debut full-length. Malus Corpus is somewhat more polished up than it’s primitive and brutal predecessors. Working strictly in Korpsesoturi’s favour, the “polish” highlights the massive weight and brutal groove. Malus Corpus alternates between foul, downtuned, mid-tempo grooves and frenzied tremolo riffs. But Korpsesoturi has eye for dynamics, and tracks are often interspersed with airier sections, pronouncing the immaculate weight of the record. Acting as the crowning jewel, are the chthonic roars disguised a vocals, though even they are occasionally sidestepped in favour of higher register.

“Kävelevä Ruumis” is part of the late-album respite, growing from the acoustic-to-ambient outro of it’s preceding track and drowning in the echoes of a stalagmite cavern. Between lies some of the most streamlined brutality Malus Corpus offers, only a few mid-paced chugs distract from the pummeling of the alternating riffs as much modern Danish death metal as they are old school Finnish.

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