Korn – AdventureQuest Concert: A Video Breakdown


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I don’t know why Korn teamed up with AdventureQuest 3D to “perform” an in-game concert. Well, I mean, I do know why. Money. Lots and lots of money being thrown around like it’s a honeycomb covered in bees, but the bee stings mean you get to buy a bigger yacht. The combined forces of a multiplayer video game and a nu metal band form a misshapen Megazord of cross-promotion. Korn gets to promote their new album The Nothing and Atix, the company behind AdventureQuest 3D legally gets to yell “BOOOOOYYYYYYY!!!” whenever they want. Win-win for both camps.

This isn’t the first time a metal band has appeared in a video game. Blind Guardian appeared in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Ozzy and Lemmy were in Brutal Legend, and, of course, there was Guitar Hero. This may be the first “live” metal concert in a game, though. How exactly does that work? Let’s find out.

It’s the Freaks being off the chain that we have to worry about.


I’ve never seen Korn live, but I 100% believe this is what their concerts look like.


If they ever bring back the Family Values tour, I want everyone in attendance to do this dance.


Do you see what happens when you keep doing the Toxic Waltz?


How does Amon Amarth not open their shows with that?


It’s weird that the giant guy is on stage. Usually he’s standing right in front of me at a show.


Apparently, AdventureQuest takes place in Seattle.


Absurdly Buff Fieldy is the real star of this show.


It’s a Korn concert, but it looks like the number of people attending a BI*AS show.


Korn’s The Nothing will be released on September 13th via Roadrunner Records.

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