Win Sarcoptes Songs and Dances of Death on Cassette!


Fellas, if you wanna thrash in your 1997 Geo Metro, you better get in here and give me your best caption for Sarcoptes‘ album art.

Earlier this year, Dubya made you thrash your cranium to mush with his review of Sarcoptes’ banger of a debut, Songs and Dances of Death. Later, he made you think your cerebellum to chowder with his thought-provoking interview with the band. Now, I’m giving you a chance to destroy your entire head by jamming it through your steering column while listening to Songs and Dances of Death in your whip! Righteous!

Graven Earth Records is giving this radical thrash album a cassette release with an extremely limited run of just 100 tapes. You can get one of these totally rare, and totally rad cassettes by simply providing me with your best caption for the spooky Songs and Dances of Death artwork. Are you with me?

Here is the album art for Songs and Dances of Death:



Here it is my entry for this most excellent contest:


And here is a blank cover for you to do your best work:


Simply post your newly edited album art in the comments below. I will select the best entry and send you a slick cassette, courtesy Graven Earth Records. I wish you all the best of luck. But even if you don’t win, you should definitely pick up a copy of this extremely limited cassette from Graven Earth. It goes on sale this Halloween, and all your trick or treaters would wanna get down to this siqqq record.

Follow Sarcoptes and Graven Earth on Facebook and tell ’em all, “Sup”.

I’m pleased to announce the winner of our last contest, Link Leonhart! Link gave us the most 80s gif on Earth, and therefore deserves a prize.

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