Cadaveric Incubator Want You to Join the Covenant of Gore


Come and get a taste of an album that’s been a long time coming. 

There’s an oft underutilized tool in the weapon rack of death metal bands. So long has it been stowed that it has started to grow a layer of skin, red and flaky. The rusted exterior only helps to outwardly display the red hot fury it’s capable of. The thing is stubby and blunt, an instrument easy to swing but hard to master. Its calls go largely unanswered, but on rare occasion its cries are answered and it is wielded by a master. That weapon is brevity, its wielder Cadaveric Incubator.

Releasing their debut album a stunning 12 years after their initial demo, Cadaveric Incubator are not fucking around in any sense of the phrase. There are only 3 songs on Sermons of the Devouring Dead exceed 3 minutes with everything else being 2:30 or less and sounding like a blender stuffed with badgers and rocks getting jackhammered (a compliment if I’ve ever offered one).

Today we have one of those blended beverages of sonic bludgeoning for you in the form of “The Covenant of Gore.” While the concise run time of one minute and forty-six seconds sounds more grind than thrash, the song packs a mighty death metal wallop. The main riff is quite the earworm and they even find time for a (to scale) solo. The song, and whole album, is a blast and I suspect this track will get quite few of you excited. Check it out and briefly solo below.

Sermons of the Devouring Dead drops on October 13th (FRIDAY THE 13TH, SPOOPY) via Hells Headbangers Records. You can order it here and give the band a like on FB here.
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