Premiere: No Skull Is Safe from Skullsmasher’s “Bonehammer”


That’s a nice skull ya got there. It sure would be a shame if someone… crammed a brand new OSDM track into the audio canals on either side of it!

There’s something so rewarding about a track that gets its violence over with in a hurry. Now I enjoy drawn out epics full of a million shapeshifting riffs and time changes and cathartic releases as much as the next metalhead, but I’m also a man who recognizes that sometimes a quick fix is all you need. And a quick fix is exactly what “Bonehammer,” a brand new track off up and coming OSDM barbarians Skullsmasher’s debut tape Cranial Emulsification, delivers.

And what a delivery it is! Toilet ov Hell’s own BW (of Draghkar, Grave Spirit fame) leads the charge with a hot’n’heavy riff that just reeks of the body violence of Repulsion and Impetigo. That riff is fashioned into a cruelly blunt instrument and then dropped against your vulnerable scalp over and over (but not too many overs, given the song’s short 1-minute run-time) by a sweltering bass line and a truly paleolithic drum beat.

There’s not too much more to say about this. It’s short! It’s crude! It opens up with a wonderfully revolting “Blehhhh hahahahaha!” And it hammers your skull until your grey matter is thoroughly emulsified.

What more could you want from death metal on a Friday morning?

Cranial Emulsification will see the light of day on May 30th. You can pre-order the digital record (and a find a link for tapes) on Bandcamp. BW recently put together a full band, so keep your eye sockets wide open for live sets soon. In the meantime, make sure you’re following the band on Facebook.

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