Flush It Friday: Weekend Dad Returns


You’ve likely noticed a distinct lack of Joe this week. He bought a house and doesn’t love you anymore. Not like I do. Weekend Dad is always here for you. You know the drill. Goods, bads, uglies. Let’s flush this out.

Good: My anniversary is next week, so my wife and I are celebrating by going to Alamo Drafthouse this weekend. It should be a lot of fun! I’m excited to spend some quality time with her since we’ve both been really busy with work/academics.

Offering 1: They Mostly Come Out at Night – Scorched Upon This Earth

FFO: Giant Squid, North (if they used cellos), Vmthanaachth (if they were way, way less artsy)

Bad: I haven’t really had heartburn since getting married because my wife and I cook the majority of our meals, and I typically bring a packed lunch full of fruits and veggies to work every day. However, this week we had a celebratory dinner at the greasiest (read: best) Mexican joint in town, followed by a junk food pot luck the following evening. Yesterday, my stomach acid was roiling like the sea boiling around a spiteful Moby Dick as it roared up from the depths to do battle with Ahab. Thankfully, getting back on a regular diet has helped immensely.

Offering 2: Angmaer – Towards Darkness’ Paradise

FFO: Eternally Enthroned, Darkthrone, Bathory

Ugly: Randall Thor is buying one of these disgusting things.

Humanity has officially gone too far. We are witnessing the decline of western civilization.

Offering 3: Horrisonous – The Plague Doctors

FFO: Hypocrisy, The Slow Death, Temple Nightside

Now, my sons and daughters, share with me your victories and failures and horrible bowel movements. I want to hear about everything. Please love me as much as your regular dad.

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