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I see you that you’ve just put it all out there. The whole thing. This is on you. You want the truth? Here it is. This is your mess now.


Case Number 15-3301D | Case Name: ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ
Subject Identification: Code Name: vod | First Name: Dave | Last Name: Tremblay
Subject LocationCanada – Reliquary 1

Subject Information: Subject is a white non-Hispanic male of unknown age. Subject appears to be no older than 30-years-old, but this may be explained by contact with object 15-3301R. Subject is a Canadian resident believed to have made contact with 15-3301R while on vacation to Greenland in 2007. Due to the highly problematic nature of 15-3301R, the subject has been arrested and administered memory therapy; object 15-3301R has been cataloged and stored in Reliquary 1. Unfortunately, for every trace of the audio recordings of 15-3301R that are destroyed, new tracks surface on the internet, always under ambiguous titles like ᐃᓄᑑᕗᖅ and ᐊᓂᖅᓴᑕᖅᐹ. BZ&A correspondents are encouraged to vigilantly patrol known file-sharing and torrenting networks for encroachments.

BZ&A contractors were initially contacted to investigate mysterious occurrences off the coast of the [REDACTED] province in Canada. Upon reaching the site, contractors quickly discovered that subject 15-3301 had used object 15-3301R to play some sort of eschatological music at a concert with several disciples of an ancient pagan entity called Vod. When questioned, subject identified himself as the “Avatar of Vod” and proclaimed it was his destiny to hasten the second “Advent”. Before contractors could apprehend 15-3301 or secure 15-3301R, the subject played some notes on his instrument and caused a widespread panic in the gathering crowd. The subject disappeared into the crowd, and contact with the operatives was lost.

Northern headquarters dispatched more field agents to the site at [REDACTED], and those agents quickly discovered a panicked crowd and the desiccated corpses of both field agents. Operatives immediately questioned members of the crowd who described the event as follows:

Witness A: Man, it was surreal. He played this note that sounded like the gnarliest bass riff I’ve ever heard, I mean lower and deeper than anything Meshuggah or Gojira ever played, and it just caused us all to start moving like the waves. It was heavy, man, like unbelievably heavy. There was something shamanic about it though, you know? It was like we were witnessing a ritual. I guess that explains those weird ruins we saw come up out of the icy water. It was trippy, man, like more psychedelic than my best ayahuasca experience. It was fast and slow, just starting and stopping, rhythms colliding against rhythms, all bound by that oceanic groove like the pace of the waves rolling in to shore.

Witness B: I don’t know how one guy was generating that much sound. It almost sounded like there were machines backing him, like war machines and helicopters just generating brutal, blasting sound behind him. It wouldn’t stop. He’s out there on the sand with just a PA, playing stuff on his bass, and all of this unearthly sound is coming out of nowhere.

Witness C: It was all very sensual. There was a saxophone and a deep groove. I just felt my body shaking, trembling. Those sub-atomic rumblings were touching something in the very depths of my being, taking every fiber to Nirvana. It was orgasmic, and at that moment I felt a deeper connection with life here on Earth and beyond than I ever have. It was all very spiritual, like hearing angels sing us tiny humans lullabies while mother nature rocked us to sleep with her gentle caressing waves.

Witness D: I heard this deep, primal growl. It sounded like it was coming from the sea. I can’t explain it. I don’t think human vocal chords can do that. They shouldn’t do that! It sounded like something extremely large and extremely ancient was altering gravity with its voice. I’m certain I heard other voices too. It was all so chaotic and oh God I’m so scared.

After questioning witnesses for hours, the operatives contacted headquarters and requested back up. Mr. [REDACTED] at headquarters contacted our partners at [REDACTED] who promptly arrived on scene and performed Protocol Turrngait to induce amnesia in the witnesses. The operatives then took a Zodiac raft out to the ruins and investigated, discovering subject 15-3301 deep in an inner sanctum. Upon noticing the agents, the subject turned to them and muttered, “It is finished. The Die hath been cast. Now all the world will hear Vod’s song.” The subject then willingly went into custody and surrendered 15-3301R, saying it had served its purpose. The subject has since been released under surveillance, although 15-3301R remains at Reliquary 1 for further examination.

Attachment 15-3301A – Schematic of 15-3301R: Item 15-3301 appears to be a normal bass guitar, but esoteric bas reliefs in the form of [REDACTED] have been cut into its base. Apparently 15-3301 recorded the entirety of 15-3301S using only this bass guitar, his computer (found on his person in the ruins), and the potential aid of the alleged “Disciples of Vod.” BZ&A contractors are currently seeking these disciples for questioning.

Attachment 15-3301S  Audio Sample of ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ.

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