Flush It Friday: April Showers Bring Satan


Welcome to another weekly airing of grievances, followers ov the flush! You should all know the drill by now: this is a place to kick off the weekend by celebrating the good, lamenting the bad, and lulzing at the ugly. So come on in here and put your last few hours of work time to good use.

THE GOOD: It’s finally Spring, which means my desire to be frozen by icewinds and die slowly and/or horribly in the middle of a bleak gray wintry nothingness is lessened somewhat. Somewhat. Also I’m working through a to-do list that actually has me pretty excited because I’m discovering that doing stupid around-the-house shit is, like, way easier than I thought.

THE BAD: As always, days are annoyingly stuck at a mere 24 hours, which is not nearly enough time to work, spend time here, stay unfat, write music and sleep/eat/shit/etc. If everyone would get on board with my 30 Hour Day proposal we’d all be a lot happier. Sure, the calendar and global timekeeping as we know it would have to be thrown out and redesigned from scratch, but stop whining for fuck’s sake, that’s a small price to pay for one man to have six more hours per day to write articles containing Gaahl references.

THE UGLY: Speaking of Gaahl, watch out you guys, Satan is everywhere.

Finally, because it’s Friday, enjoy some of my favorite inspirational lyrics from my favorite bands.







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