Premiere: Journey into Melodeath’s Buried Realm


These days it is unusually difficult to find quality melodic death metal. The hunt for a great song within the genre has unfortunately become a demanding task, but here at Toilet ov Hell, we care about you and want spoil you, so we need to show you this new Buried Realm release, nicely titled “Apeiron II: Global Dreamer,” for it is a true melodic banger! YESSSS!

From the very beginning of this track, the riffing is here to cut your limbs ready to cook a nice melodic stew. Are you with me? Shades of Scar Symmetry, At the Gates, Hypocrisy, early Nightrage, late Soilwork and a fine slice of that machine gun style technical death metal drumming are found here. A delicious plate that I know will please a good bunch of my fellow seekers of melodic metal.

And if you pressed play on it and were marvelled by how terrific this track sounds, it is because it was mastered by the man himself, Dan “Everything I Touch Becomes Gold” Swäno in his sinister Unisound AB headquarters.

What you get with “Apeiron II: Global Dreamer,” besides the headbangable rhythmic section that builds from aggressive impacts into a carefully selected soloing, is the tasteful arrangement of Ryan Strain’s (Recode the Subliminal) and Travis Montgomery’s (Threat Signal and Jeff Loomis‘ solo band) skills, so you get three flaming melo-punches for the price of one. What a great deal!

And I say ‘one package‘ because Buried Realm’s debut is made by just one guy, with a plethora of amazing guest musicians. Josh Dummer commanded this really slick and professional sound, handling all the writing and all the music, except for the high-tier list of melodic maestros, including names like Christopher Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy), Brandon Ellis (Arsis), Teemu “Sexy Man” Mäntysaari (Wintersun) and Bob Katsionis (Firewind). With music as solid as “Apeiron II: Global Dreamer,” this album will surely be instant thumbs-up material for me.

But, don’t just take my fragile and meaningless words for it, listen to what Dummer himself has to say:

“I feel that listeners can appreciate it, not only on a musical level but hopefully enjoy the listening experience too. This album was a long time in the making and hopefully that translates. ‘The Ichor Carcinoma’ was originally supposed to be an EP. However, I had too many pre-production demos and didn’t want to scrap them, so I decided on a full-length, which fans can expect many guests across the entire album!”.

Passionate music made by a hard-working metalhead? That’s my jam. If you are like me, you better put The Ichor Carcinoma into your music calendar and prepare to swallow this wild melodic death metal meal.

Buried Realm’s debut will be out September 29th. Preorder it on Bandcamp. Stay in contact on Facebook and Twitter and say you were sent through a portal by an Elfic entity to say “Hola.”

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