Flush it Friday: There Have Been 7 Days Since Last Friday Edition


In the whirlpool of time that is waiting to hear back about employment, the days have begun to melt together—even more so than when just living through a global pandemic. Scattered recollections are all I have: looking up the lyrics to “She Bop” to make sure it’s still about masturbation; the wee hours of the morning whittling away at gigantic monsters in the latest Soulsborne; the neighbors dropping boulders (?) on the floor upstairs; fleeting thoughts of writing reviews again. All of this, knowing I’m sure to miss all the free time once I start the full-time bit again. Surprising no one (and saying nothing original), the human brain is a h*qqin’ weird contraption! Y’all got any hobbies I should try out?

If there’s a BLACKENED lining here, it’s that I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with the community. Thankful for every one of you.

Sean Ghoulson waxed poetic on OSDM, backed by an absurd wall of wax courtesy of Ken of Ken’s Death Metal Crypt:

Old School Death Metal – Fall, Rise, Cynicism (With Ken of Ken’s Death Metal Crypt)

Hans got back on his grind, capturing the scraps of last year’s scrappy offerings:

Bump’n’Grind – The Leftovers

Tha Boiz explored the always hilarious, always deeply sad world of Cameo:

Toilet Radio 290 – Cameo Reviews From Hell

Me and Hans necro’d Riff-Raff and goldurn, making these things is hard:

Riff-Raff Podcast: A New Flush [Ep. 1 – 2020 Was a Big BM]

G/B/Us in the comments please…and uh, your favorite spicy foods.

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