Do not “Loathe” Primitive Man


As many of you know, I am a huge Primitive Man fanboy. Scorn was my #1 album of 2013 and my most listened to album as well. Ever since that album dropped last year I’ve been constantly following the band; especially their front man, Ethan Lee McCarthy who can do no wrong in my opinion.

Before I introduce the new song I want to share with you a little bit of history about Primitive Man and Ethan Lee McCarthy

Let’s start with Primitive Man’s first album Scorn:


Ethan is just untouchable! He has done 3 splits with Primitive Man this year and has just released a new epic hate-filled 11:05 minute track called  “Loathe” which we will get to very soon. The man has also started another band this year called Vermin Womb which he also fronts. Vermin Womb play the filthiest/heaviest grind you can imagine. They have some of the same vibe & production of Primitive Man but they play a tad bit faster and crustier.


Speaking of grind… Let us not forget about Ethan’s past grind band: Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, who absolutely pulverized as much as Vermin Womb. This album in particular:


Yes, yes, yes. You all want to get to the new track right? Before we get to the new track by Primitive man, let us listen to their songs from this year that are on splits with Hexis, Hessian, & Xaphan. All of these songs punish hard obviously. I find my self fixed on the song Unable more then the rest though. What is your favorite song from them this year?


Primitive Man – Loathe

FINALLY! We made it to the new song… I’ve listened to this song 8 times in one night. I can tell you is that it is very much a Primitive Man song (that means it’s heavy). It is unpleasant… It is hateful… It is bleak… It is claustrophobic… It is FUCKING GLORIOUS! Primitive Man is the heaviest band of 2014 in my humble opinion.

Here it is folks. Enjoy.

Don’t forget to catch Primitive Man at Maryland Deathfest next year!

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