Flush-It Friday: Bandcamp Day


The holiest of days is upon us.

We’ve been talking about it all week, and now it’s finally here. In case you somehow missed it, Bandcamp is waiving all their fees today for your purchases, meaning it all goes to the artist (or label). Check out the series of recommendations we’ve been dropping all week if you’re looking for something to buy, and hey, maybe consider dropping your wishlist in the comments for some gift exchanges. I have a hard time buying shit for myself most of the time, but it’s much easier to get stuff for other people.

That said, I am splurging today on the Mithras discography. It seems like sacrilege to only own one album from my favorite death metal band, and it’s about damn time to correct that mistake. If you haven’t listened to this band, find yourself some time to sit down with On Strange Loops. It’s pure brilliance.

Also, let’s catch up on some articles from the week:

Esoctrilihum continues to put out weird black/death metal of inhuman quality:

Premiere: Stream The Colour Of Death with Esoctrilihum‘s ‘Thritônh’

Karhu hit us with a set of black metal reviews:

None More Black: Bythos, Grieve & Mørketida

Ara brought us a killer song with some intriguing lyrical inspiration:

Premiere: Ara – “Etymologyocide”

Them podcasty boys talked comedy with Andrew Mayer:

Toilet Radio 242 – The Comedy Episode w/ Andrew Mayer

Temnein promotes violence against tuber men:

Premiere: Smash potato aliens with Temnein’s melodeath anthem “Rise of the Sontarans”

Serocs continue to be the biggest tech bois in the biz:

Premiere: Serocs – “Building A Shrine Upon Vanishing Sands”

What’s going on with all you guys? Any sweet purchases today?

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