Don’t Miss These EPs: Kürøishi, Inequity, Kohti Tuhoa


Christmas is the time of giving season of spending, so here’s three records you shouldn’t miss, but instead spend your money on.

Kürøishi – Slukad af Slutet

Kürøishi’s not content to rest on their laurels, having released a powerful debut LP, Poverty.Ignorance.Slavery.Greed in march, it only took them a few months to put out Slukad af Slutet 12″. As it was recorded simultaneously with the debut, it is to be expected that SaS would only deliver more of the same, and that it does. The same being crusty hardcore, heavy and at times almost brutal record that doesn’t avoid injecting a little melody into it’s songs here and there. Some of the darkest riffs even carry with them hints of more metallic directions.

What were talking is a band full of veterans from bands of some significance coming together to make a pissed of record that lingers on for a while, but doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. An actually pissed of ruffian with a deep bark for a vocalist, delivering in three languages. On a record, where each beat, each hit, each note is truly felt. A record as bleak as it is dynamic, one easily compared to the likes of Tragedy. But not one step behind – don’t sleep on this.


Inequity – Rebirth

Inequity’s a formerly Keravian bunch of thrashers that put out their second demo early this year. As is customary, nobody bothered to take notice, but a bunch of gigs and months later it seems somethings afoot so maybe it’s time you get a whiff too. Hot-riffing old school thrash is the name of game, with some rot of death metal seeping in, and remainders of melody from their past sprinkled on top. For such a short demo, three songs in 15-minutes, it’s surprisingly diverse. Not stuck on one gear or tempo, Finnish-ing up with an accordion and spreading each song to a slightly different direction. On the other hand it’s seeks to break no boundaries and remains somewhat traditionalist, with a monochromatic vocal performance –  but none of it turns against them. Not a bullseye, but a good start, and something any fan of older thrash should give a chance.

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Kohti Tuhoa – Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta

Technically, this is a full-length, but it’s also only 20 minutes in length, so it counts. Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta is a modern-day take on 80’s hardcore, without any notable modern influence. 12 fits of rage, ranging between a minute and two, more deliberate than anything Kohti Tuhoa – or indeed many others – have ever put out. Though deliberate in this case means more steady than sloppy playing, as well as compelling groove. Working on about as broad a palette as is possible within such tight frames, Pelon Neljäs Valtakunta is thoroughly memorable and utterly catchy. But it’s legitimate anger and furious drive draw focus onto every detail, keeping it from slipping to the background.

“Jotain Sisältä Rikki” makes a notable exception to the rest of the record. A sultry, oppressive mid-tempo track that makes best of it’s almost four minute running time to build up atmosphere many doom bands would be jealous of , and breaking it down down into a scramble of feedback, noise and Helena Hiltunen’s frantic screams. From the title, “Fourth Reich of Fear”, down to it’s final seconds, Kohti Tuhoa delivers on every front.


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