Faithful Breath – Skol: A Video Breakdown


It’s like morning breath that you can always count on.

Sometimes you fall down the internet rabbit hole and find bizarre, strange things. Other times you find things that are absolutely delightful. This is one of that latter times. In my never-ending quest to find bad music videos (bands, never stop using green screens and having low budgets) I happened upon a Youtube channel named Metal Videos Archives. The channel has a lot of rare and obscure 80’s live videos, interviews, music videos. It’s every Hair and Trad Dad’s dream. One music video in particular caught my eye.

Faithful Breath was a German heavy metal band that mashed together a viking aesthetic with an 80’s cocaine blizzard aesthetic. Man, they should’ve been named Cocaine Viking instead. That’s a great band name. Someone get on that. In 1985, the band released a full-length album called¬†Skol. The band made a music video for the album’s title track and judging by the video, every expense was sparred. Let’s break it down!


Puff The Magic Dragon’s uncool cousin, Narcy The Magic Dragon.


I know it’s a lot to take in, but please appreciate the man in a wet suit wading behind the band.


I can’t believe you left your bass at home, Peter. Here, use this paddle. No one will notice.


The normally staid German crowd goes wild.


I wonder if this is the same spot where Patton took a piss.


Metal Mullet powers, activate!


Better late than never, I guess.




Faithful Breath were convicted of dragoncide and forced to live in obscurity and ugly pants for the rest of their lives.


Faithful Breath’s album Skol was released in 1985 via Ambush Records, so, yeah, it’s available now.

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