TMP: Nile, Children of Bodom, Windswept, and More!


Now that your lists for this year are just about wrapped up, it’s time to start paying attention for next year! Or just like listen to some new music without thinking about ranking it. Your choice.

New black metal from Windswept, sounds decent.

Here’s some new Feral.

Vltimas (Morbid Angel, Mayhem) released their first single. The top had Vincent era is here.

Here’s the first Children of Bodom track for you nostalgia boys.

  • I don’t know what a Mark Deutrom is, but some of you might.
  • Mastodong are working on new music.
  • Nile dropped a teaser.
  • New Primitive Man from an upcoming split.
  • New Soen.
  • Madball and Death Before Dishonor have a few NE dates.
  • Yay… Grammy nominations
  • The Decibel beer music thing in Philly actually looks really good.
  • Arch Enemy video.
  • Look at some trees with new Hexvessel.
  • John Garcia (Kyuss) released a second (or third?) track.
  • Sisters of Suffocation, which link hoped was a mix of Suffocation with Sisters of Mercy. It is not.
  • Beyond The Black is back with a new track.
  • The Spirit album is out already but I missed any singles, so here it is now.
  • New punky stuff from Insanity Alert.
  • Incite, album out January 25.
  • Nonpoint video.
  • New video from good Shining.
  • Skraeckoedlan made a stoner doom old iPod commercial.
  • Phil Labonte continues to do shit songs.
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