Emmure – Smokey: A Video Breakdown



Ignorantcore and domestic abuse promoters Emmure are back to bring the chuggity-chugs to the unwashed and poorly-tattooed masses. Now that Emmure features current/former members of Glass Cloud and The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, what type of new ground will they cover? Will they get experimental? Maybe throw in some clean vocals and guest spots by radio DJ clowns ala Suicide Silence? Maybe go full on modern Opeth and just noodle around on guitars for a while? Nah, of course not. It’s just the same old, dumb-shit Emmure.

0:01: God knows where that pinky has been.
0:06: Hand tattoo by Smudges ‘R Us.
0:13: It would be amazing if this was the entire song.
0:25: A 25 second intro to a 2-minute song. Awesome.
0:27: That moment you realize you’re now in Emmure.
0:33: Can someone get Frankie P a shirt that doesn’t look like it has been crumpled up at the bottom of the hamper for the past 3 months?
0:39: Um…where did that giant puddle come from?
0:44: Is that a Dreamcast hat? Okay, you win this round Frankie.
0:48: Must be cold in that room…
0:56: Seriously, is the drummer leaking or something?
1:03: Now I’m curious: Did they specifically set up in the giant mystery puddle or did it just start to happen while they were filming and the director just ran with it?
1:11: Frankie better be careful. He doesn’t have the best track record around electricity and water will only make it worse.
1:17: I predict a lot of back problems in their future.
1:22: Breakin’ 2: Emmure Boogaloo.
1:36: *dry heave*
1:40: His tongue is trying to escape from his face.
1:49: So this song is about the dangers of smoking, right?
1:55: D.A.R.E. To Keep Kids Off Emmure.
1:59: At least they had the decency to keep this song mercifully short.

Emmure’s new album Look At Yourself is available now via SharpTone Records.

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