Onslaught – Bow Down To The Clowns: A Video Breakdown


Send in the clowns.

What’s up with clowns and heavy metal? You’ve got your Big Top clown bands and you’ve got your “we just illegally set up in that empty lot across the street clown metal bands. There’s also sexually-transmitted disease clown metal and m’lady clown metal. Don’t forget Clowncore and Clown from Slipknot. That’s not even counting bands that just have clowns in their album art. I suppose bands are trying to tap into Coulrophobia. Maybe they just like the grease paint and rubber noses.

Onslaught is a British thrash band that was active in the ’80s and picked things up again in the mid-2000s. Currently on AFM Records, the band are set to release their first studio album in 7 years. What does all this have to do with clowns? Well, the band’s newest music video is for the song “Bow Down To The Clowns” and we’re telling you to step right up and break it down.



I see the Republican National Convention is off to a raucous start.


*Living in a society intensifies*


Spirit Halloween shoppers rise up!


When the caramel corn finally hits.


Not going to lie. I’m a little disappointed they’re not all wearing big, floppy red clown shoes.


More concerts need to happen in a Gravitron.






This is just a metaphor for all of us at the end of a work day.


Onslaught’s new album¬†Generation Antichrist is out on August 7th via AFM Records.

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