Exclusive Premiere: The Vomiting Dinosaurs – “WATERWORLD”


The Vomiting Dinosaurs are back with a furious grindcore track all about Kevin Costner’s finest film.

You didn’t realize it, but what you really needed today was a grindcore song that fully explores the intricacies of 1995’s Blockbuster flop, Waterworld. “Waterworld” is probably the diametric opposite of its film namesake. Whereas Waterworld was filmed over a grueling 6-month schedule and with a budget of $175 million just to add CGI hair to Kevin Costner’s patchy scalp, “Waterworld” is a quick blast of raw grind from an EP that was recorded in roughly five hours in a home studio.

In just 91 seconds, The Vomiting Dinosaurs cover in exhaustive detail every intricacy of The Mariner’s search for the dry land, and his fierce battles with Dennis Hopper’s evil character Deacon. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what this song is about. I can’t quite make out every lyric. “Waterworld” comes from Exoplanets, the latest release from this trio. This EP’s track titles cover all different types of planets.

Exoplanets is released on January 6th, 2017 on CD, cassette and digital download via Grimoire Records. Like The Vomiting Dinosaurs on Facebook to publicly let your friends and family know you’re a fun person.

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