Riff ov the Week: The Toileteer Edition // 1-16-15


Cool guy with hat playing guitar

This week I asked that you all submit riffs from bands that you learned of via the blog or fellow toileteer’s recommendations.

Last week, Gorak took the polls by storm with fruit than hung so low it’s just downright shameful.

This theme was way fun, SO LET’S DO IT AGAIN NEXT WEEK. Send your toileteer-recommended riffs to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com. Include your name, a link to the riff, the time of the riff, and an explanation.



It’s been over a year since Tyree brought Sacrocurse to our attention here, and I still find myself thinking, I really need to listen to that riff from “Ripping Death Solution” after an especially shitty day. Kick it off at the beginning, then windmill and murder accordingly.


Maik Beninton

I saw this in many last.fm collages before I finally checked for myself, Paradise Day is my favorite track with its chorus riff being heavy and catchy, makes me wanna start a mosh pit in my room but there is no space for it.



Was posted months ago in the Facebook group but no idea what the Disqus name is so let’s call them Ham. Great hook, great lead sound and kinda gives you the feeling of walking through the woods on a sunny day as birds fly. Thanks Ham, great album so check it out, riff starts around 0:43.


Brock Samson

Back in February of 2015, Tyree created a Getting Laid at Bandcamp post that introduced some truly badass bands that I had not heard of before. One of those bands was Odraza and I am grateful to that bastard because they absolutely kill it. They play a blend of black, grind, and even some prog elements with a punk attitude. Start at 18:26 to hear the ending riff of the third track.



I’d like to thank KJM for introducing me to this amazing album and band. The intro to this song is great, as is the riff that starts at 00:44.



Gravecode Nebula (awesome name) was suggested to me by the highly suggestive Tyree. The album is a soup of murky, miserable, voidgazing riffs that sound like they would rather die than be heard. Things hit rock bottom around 9:20.



Just try to keep still once this riff interrupts the trance, much less abstain from stomping through your floor. One of the best slow riffs in black metal history, and one of the only slow moments on this entire album. Early Gorgoroth is reincarnated in the saunas of Finland.



All in all, slugs are pretty cool, especially when they riff like monsters. 23:32 brings the shock and awe.



Who’s the most handsome person? Spear of course! On 10.22.15 Handsome Spear introduced us to Demiurgon and along with that a riff that’s p rocket if you ask me. Stab play on Demiurgon’s “Pillars of an Inverted Creation” to hear some fierce, dueling speed metal riffs. The riff grabs you by the hand around 0:20…


Ted Nü-Djent

So many bands to choose from in the past year but the recommendation that has had the most impact on me is easily Sólstafir’s Otta, which came courtesy of Matt Pikes sweaty Left Nipple (actually, this dudes strike rate is amazing when it comes to introducing me to new music). Riff starts at 0.00 and goes until 7.42 but if you’re after something more specific,start at the 5.23 mark. Thanks Mr Pike. You’ve given me another reason to love nipples.



I have to thank our favorite odd-toed ungulate for introducing me to this band. There’s only one riff in the song and it’s pulverizing. Blast it loud! Oranssi Pazuzu have a new album coming out next month so let us get in the spirit and rejoice.



Tapir actually got me into these guys, oddly enough (since we agree on almost nothing). The music is brooding, melancholy (probably more so because I can’t understand one word of Finnish) and incredibly raw as fuck. Riff starts at 2:20.



This was an absurdly difficult decision to make, because the Toilet ov Hell and its awesome Toileteers have introduced me to so many outstanding bands. I ended up choosing the riff that kicks off Sielunvihollinen’s “Oodi” because it hasn’t left my head since the first time I heard it on the Toilet ov Hell. That awesome black-metal groove never fails to get me ultrapumped, and I blast the band’s entire discography on a regular basis. I should note, however, that my second choice was a riff from a song on Eidola’s Degeneraterra, which completely negates any metal cred this Sielunvihollinen submission might have earned me.



Hellenic Black Metal?
Medieval themes?
Mysterious armour-clad swordsman on the cover?
No surprise as to who introduced me to this band.
When Nocternity’s Harps Of The Ancient Temples dropped early last year I realised what had been missing in my life. I suddenly craved more of this majestic and spellbinding music. Turns out upon looking back through their discography and finding 2003’s Onyx, I found quite possibly my favourite Black Metal album of all. Picking a single riff is futile but everytime I hear the hastening section at 4:26 after the ominous introductory riff, I know what I’ll be doing for the next half an hour.


Boss the Ross

The first band/release to come to mind when I read this week’s theme was the French band Duckhunters, as recommended by the one and only BLACKBEARD. Their first full-length, Extinction Road, is a riff filled, post-apocalyptic, concept record. Filled with earthquakes, financial distress, war, disasters and cannibalism, this record kills. I have picked Last Broadcast to represent the album. The song starts out with a nice guitar intro followed by a swooping bass line and the drums and vocals follow. The main riff kicks full swing at 0:37 and slows it down at 0:58. After a minute the pace picks up with a jammer and 1:55 totally kills it with its adverse high notes. This continues excellently through the song’s “broadcast”. Main vocals jump back to the forefront with a beefed up low version of it at 3:12. And the main riff comes full circle and takes us home after 3:41 with some sweet psychedelic soloing. Nothing remains but the road..

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