Buried Above Ground – The Evil One: A Video Breakdown


In And Above Ground

There seems to be two routes that deathcore bands can go nowadays: jeans-and-band-shirts just regular dudes and s00per evil sp00ky deathy-weathy guys. I’ll let you decide what category Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Buried Above Ground falls under. Let’s watch their new video for their song “The Evil One” to find out. Grab your holy water and some Wet-Naps.

0:04: A music box is always the harbinger of something evil in horror movies.
0:07: Also, a table covered in guts.
0:12: “Who wants onion rings?!”
0:19: That pose hurts my back just looking at it.
0:25: “Welcome to Panda Express!”
0:29: His bloody ocular cavities are the second grossest thing in this shot.
0:37: And that’s how maraschino cherries are made.
0:44: Ugh. He can pass an entire clementine through that hole.
0:49: Still more original than dressing up like The Joker for Halloween.
0:54: Ewwwww snot!
1:00: I’m impressed that the band can play two different songs at the same time.
1:05: Creepy green light on loan from Type O Negative.
1:08: Hut! Hut! Hike!
1:14: Stranger danger!
1:21: Prepare thy spinkicks.
1:32: No means no, doc.
1:39: I’ll need like 3 or 4 showers after watching this.
1:48: I probably should have given a seizure trigger warning at the beginning of this breakdown.
1:56: Well, at least he doesn’t love Boston.
2:04: Whoopsies!
2:14: I’m beginning to think this isn’t an accredited doctor’s office.
2:20: His favorite Nickelodeon show? Guts.
2:26: Nice neckerchief.
2:30: Now we know the sound of one hand clapping.
2:36: He should give himself a pat on the back, Barry Horowitz-style.
2:43: This song contains your daily recommended allowance of chuggity-chugs.
2:53: Dr. Ian Ziering to the rescue!
2:58: Smell The Glove meets Smell The Bucket.
3:12: You wouldn’t be so scared if you added some lighting and maybe cracked open a window.
3:22: A broken chain? That’s the inspiration for at least 100 metal songs.
3:34: No tongues!
3:38: Cold and flu season is upon us.
3:46: Now make sure to let his entrails marinate for 2 hours before baking them in the oven.
3:55: I looked the same way after watching Terrence Malick’s “The Tree Of Life”.
4:04 Oh, cruel hubris and cheap restraints.
4:14: Squatcore is the new crabcore.

Buried Above Ground’s album Birth is available now.

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