Premiere: Flood Peak – Feral Wraiths


Time for some more seasonally appropriate music from the PDX area.

In 2018 I reviewed Plagued by Sufferers by Flood Peak, a trio from my neck of the woods kicking around in Portland, OR. Back then I fit my review around the music and my anxiety about white supremacist activity in the Portland area and the anxiety and anguish I was feeling around that, and how the music ended up fitting around those moods.

Unfortunately on that white supremacist activity and anxiety end, things have ramped up massively. Fortunately, the song we have for you sees the band also ramping things up. “Feral Wraiths” is an intense rumination on personal suffering and it definitely shows. Peter Layman, guitars and vocals for the band, has this to say:

“‘Feral Wraiths’ is probably my clearest written translation of suffering from emotional unrest and suicidal ideation. Like many people, I feel that my mind is easily my worst critic and strongest adversary. It knows all of my weaknesses to the core like no one else ever could. It continually rewrites the history of almost every interaction and paints it in a completely different light than it truly is.”

“Feral Wraiths” is off of Flood Peak’s Fixed Ritual, which comes out on the 22nd of this month through Anima Recordings. I highly recommend you pick this one up, it’s very cool.

Preorder here.

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